Tools and supplies

Craft balls

Felted balls, 5 sizes to choose from.
Smaller ones come in choice of 6 colours. Great for scented diffusers. Medium size great for crafting felted animals, larger size perfect for dryer balls. Also a set of 3 for juggling.

Drop spindle Kits

Drop spindle kits.
Includes a drop spindle, instructions and choice of 50 grams of fibre.

Felted balls 1.25"

These felted balls are a great craft item to have on hand.
Felt onto them, slice them, decorate them are great jewelry ideas.
Felt them, create needle felted critters.
Glue them and make coasters, the possibilities are endless.
Many colours to choose from.

Prefelted sheets

These all natural colour wool prefelted sheets are great for crafting.
Thick and sturdy. Great for making purses, vests and ......
approx 30 x 30"

Yarn savers

These adorable wood alpacas hold your yarn samples or small ball.
The more yarn you wind the fatter the alpaca. Cute to display your yarn ends.