Products - pets

Bunny Mohawks

For your rabbit, or small dog, we can adjust the size.
Have a few to celebrate each occasion.

Cat caves

These wool wet felted cat caves are ideal for the cat who loves to be cozy. colours may vary. Approx 18" across and 10" height. Two sizes available. $65.00 and $75.00

Mice toys

These alpaca knit mice are stuffed with catnip infused wool. Great cat toy. Each one is hand knit from either hands pun yarn or mill spun alpaca yarns. Approx. 4" long plus tail


These felted P-pads are environmentally friendly.
Great for all animal cages, or for your lap.
Many sizes to choose from, edged in variety of colours.
Prices start at $3.00. Wash in cool water, by hand and lay flat to dry.

Pet Beds

These fully removeable and washable covers for the pet beds are filled with lovely alpaca fibre. Squishy soft, yet breathable. Two sizes standard, custom orders available.

Pet chair protectors

These 14"x14" felted pads are great to save your chairs and furniture. Two pads are quilted together with cat accents. Behind each motif is a tablespoon of home grown cat nip. Keep the hair off your chair!

Pet costume

Cat or small dog hats. Bunnies like them too.
Mohawks, Pom Poms, more
Lots to choose from, small or large.
Make sure your pet is the best dressed at the party.

Pet Stockings

A variety of stockings for your pet available.
Made from 100% alpaca.

Pet toy balls

These alpaca balls have a pinch of catnip and bell inside. 2 sizes.
The natural fibre is a cats meow.
Many colour combinations including all natural alpaca colours.
Some with dangling rope. $6.00
Small $4.00. Large $5.00